Walking around Ngoc Son Buddhist temple, a great relaxation in Hanoi capital

Ngoc Son Buddhist temple is the most scenic natural landscape of the Hanoi city. Travelers and locals alike head to Hoan Kiem Lake to visit the turtle and get away from the noise of the city.

Ngoc Son Buddhist temple (Temple of the Jade Mountain) is a symbol of Hanoi capital, a famous temple located on Ngoc island of Hoan Kiem Lake - Hanoi. The temple is located on a high mound in the northeastern of the lake, the old name from the Ly dynasty is Ngoc Tuong Son.

Ngoc Son Buddhist temple introduction

Comes to Hoan Kiem Lake, the people of Vietnam remember Turtle tower, The Huc bridge, and Ngoc Son Temple. These are not only attractive destinations associated with the culture and history of Hanoians but also an ideal place for sightseeing and relaxation. Ngoc Son Buddhist temple was built in the nineteenth century, is one of the architectural monuments representing the traditional beauty of national culture. Today ‘Turtle Tower’ stands close to the lake in memory of this legend. There are also endangered large soft-shell turtles swimming in the lake, and to see one of these gentle giants is considered very auspicious. The name of Ngoc Son Buddhist temple translates to ‘Temple of the Jade Mountain’ and is predominately dedicated to war hero General Tran Hung Dao who defeated an armed force of 300,000 soldiers sent by Mongolian Emperor Kublai Khan in the 13th century to invade Vietnam.

Inside Ngoc Son Buddhist temple

The unique architecture located on Hoan Kiem lake with clear blue water is a place where convergence spirit between the god and earth. The beauty is the red color of The Huc bridge curved across the temple makes it is more ancient and splendid in the heart of Hanoi.
The harmonious architecture combined with religious culture through thousands of years of culture will be an interesting destination that visitors cannot ignore when coming to the Hanoi capital.

Visiting Ngoc Son Buddhist temple, people can easily feel the calm air, strange peace between the busy and the noisy city. This temple is not only a spiritual place to offer incense for peace and health but also a place to relax for a beautiful life, to save the beautiful pictures and discover the unique features of the capital culture ...

What to see in Ngoc Son Buddhist temple

Pen tower

Lying outside Ngoc Son Buddhist temple, you will be impressed by Pen Tower. The tower was built on Ngoc Boi Mountain according to the idea of Nguyen Van Sieu. On But tower, there are three words named "Ta Thanh Thien" inscribed.

The Huc Bridge

To reach Ngoc Son Buddhist temple, visitors have to go across The Huc bridge. Being a crucial part of Ngoc Son Temple, a symbol of the Buddhist structure and a renown tourist attraction in Hanoi, The Huc Bridge is considered as “the bridge where light is absorbed”. The typical feature of this beautiful bridge is that is whole painted with the bright red color, giving tourists when walking along the bridge to reach Ngoc Son Tem a feeling of comfort and enjoyment.

The surrounding view of Ngoc Son Buddhist temple

Inside the temples

Go inside the temple, visitors will see the two main temples, where 2 gods named Van Xuong De Quan and Tran Hung Dao were worshipped.
Besides two main temples, visitors can visit a special place lying inside the temple, the image of Turtle.

Tortoise Island

Located in the midst of Hoan Kiem Lake, the Tortoise Island is a small construction where there is a unique tortoise living in. For years, this tortoise has been living in the Tortoise Island as the only host of this small island. Unfortunately, this individual is deceased and its body is used by a taxidermist to be respectfully presented in the Ngoc Son Temple as a symbol of this famous Lake.

Hoan Kiem Lake

After visiting Ngoc Son Buddhist temple, visitors can go around Hoan Kiem lake to enjoy your time here. Take a stroll around the lakeshore, explore the ancient temple and watch the old town prepare for a new day under the shade of old trees. It’s wonderful if you visit the Hoan Kiem Lake at night to participate in many activities with the people local here.

How to reach Ngoc Son Buddhist temple

Due to its convenient location, lying in the center of Hanoi. To reach Ngoc Son Buddhist temple, visitors can choose a variety kinds of transportation such as public bus, motorbike, taxi by booking through grab, go-viet or even on foot if you stay in Hanoi ancient streets.

With the public bus, visitors can choose such routes as:
Route 08 and 36: departs from Long Bien wharf.
Route 14: depart from Co Nhue.
Route 31: depart from Bach Khoa University.

With motorbikes, you have a lot of choices to reach Ngoc Son temple, depending on where you are. All you have to do is remember the streets of Hanoi and then go on. You can use Google map to find the right road to Ngoc Son Buddhist temple.

Or for more convenience, visitors can book a motorbike or a taxi from the app "Grab" or "Go-viet". If you stay in the hotel in Hanoi ancient streets, visitors can even choose to go to Ngoc Son Buddhist temple on your own. Especially at weekends, Hanoi had the policy of opening the walking streets (Pho Di Bo in Vietnamese) in the area around Ngoc Son Temple and ban all means of transportation. So if you want to visit the temple on the weekend, take note and choose the best option.

The entrance gate of Ngoc Son Buddhist temple

The information that you need to know when visiting Ngoc Son Buddhist temple

- Ticket price to visit the Ngoc Son Temple

+ Adults: 30,000 VND / person,
+ Children: 15,000 VND / person.

- Opening hours: From 7am - 6pm every day.

- When visiting Ngoc Son Buddhist temple, visitors should dress politely. Unless Ngoc Son temple management will borrow a long coat to continue the visit.

Learn more about Ngoc Son Buddhist temple through Hanoi 1 day itinerary. Especially, with this tour, you take the chance to join water pupper show Vietnam to learn more about a traditional kind of Vietnamese art.
However, if Hanoi Attractions are too familiar to you, let's take Vietnam 18 days itinerary or Mai Chau 2 days tour itinerary to discover more new things.

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