Travel Myanamar - where men wear skirts and use sunscreen powder

In Burma, men also wear skirts, but in different ways. Changing money is not easy because they only accept new money.

City without motorcycles:

Yangon is Myanmar's largest and most vibrant city with many unique colonial-era English architecture. This is also known as "London in Southeast Asia" with cars that line up. You find red eyes also do not see the silhouette of a motorcycle. Cars are parked right on the road, so traffic congestion is almost always there.

Where men also wear skirts:

A tradition of Myanmar people, from the elderly to the children, from women to men, most people wear longyi dresses. This is a dress that is simply a piece of cloth wrapped around people, but for men and women there are different ways to wear. Men are wrapped in a large piece of cloth and knotted in the front, while women are folded up and sewn on the side.

Everyone wear sunscreen:

Myanmar women have very little makeup, but only use sunscreen thanakha. The flour is made of a large piece of cauliflower, cut into pieces of 10 cm. People grip the charcoal grinding coal into a piece of water and use powder to grind the cheeks.

For women in Myanmar, this is the most effective powder for sun protection, makeup and skin care both day and night. Not just a sunscreen for women, both men and women apply sunscreen on the road or work.

Meat is luxury:

For those who love meat, going to Myanmar is not easy. Here most people follow Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Therefore, people do not eat beef and pork. Therefore, it is difficult to earn meat as in Vietnam. Most people eat noodles, rice with eggs and grains. Except for big cities, you have to go to foreign restaurants to enjoy the meat dishes. 

Currency exchange is also a problem:

Myanmar uses Kyat paper money. Many tourists bring dollars or euros to exchange at the airport or bank. But there is a note for you, bring the new real money, no folds and stains or crummy, because you will get the shake and return. Even so, Myanmar's Kyat money is mostly old and decayed, but still accepted in spending. So it will not be surprising that you bring your money back and have to pay more than half of your money because it can not be changed.

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