Top 5 popular tourist destinations in Yangon Myanmar

Let's discover Top 5 popular tourist destinations in Yangon Myanmar with Galatourist. Yangon is the largest tourist center in Myanmar, where well-known tourist attractions, tourist services are diverse and attractive. Visitors to Yangon can visit Shwedagon Pagoda, Botataung Temple, Bogyoke Aung San and Chinatown, ... are interesting sights in Yangon, Myanmar.

1. Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is a place where visitors are required to visit in Yangon, which can be considered as a symbol of Myanmar. So far no one has dared to say exactly when the temple was built, many suggesting that the temple was more than 2,000 years old. At present the Shwedagon Pagoda preserves four sacred treasures of Buddhism, such as the Kakusandha Buddha, the Buddha's Water Purifier, a piece of Kassapa Buddha and the eight hairs of Shakyamuni Buddha. The squash with thin golden leaf color creates an extremely seductive sensation especially in the sunrise or sunset. In addition, the temple is decorated with thousands of diamonds and rubies

2. Botataung Pogoda

After visiting Shwedagon Pagoda, the next destination is Botataung Temple, an interesting sights in Yangon. The temple is located along the river bank of the city, the name of the temple means thousands of generals, because it was built with the contribution and support of military generals in Myanmar. The first impression for tourists visiting the temple will be dazzled by the bare ceiling and the walls of the temple are gold plated. This temple also holds a treasure that is the harem of the Buddha. Just pure and formal space will help visitors better and retreat comfortably.

3. China Town

Almost in any major city in the heart of Southeast Asia visitors easily catch the Chinese community interspersed with native speakers and Yangon is no exception. Chinese people live and work here is very crowded, creating an interesting culture, attracting tourists. China Town is a nation with small shops selling food, clothing, housewares, habits that are almost unchanged. Besides, you can walk the night market in Chinatown, enjoy all the delicious dishes such as Myanmar Shan dumplings, Shan noodles, quail eggs coconut milk.

4. Bogyoke Aung San Market

Most visitors will want to shop for a souvenir featured Myanmar to bring as gifts for relatives. And Bogyoke Aung San's location was no better for shopping. This is the largest traditional market in Yangon, where it is sold almost everything by the people of Myanmar. Handicrafts, wooden furniture, jewelry, souvenirs, or even long skirts are the favorites of many visitors.

5. Kandawgyi Lake

Kandawgyi Lake is a very beautiful Myanmar tourist destination, it is an artificial lake built up. The creators of it have meticulously crafted to make the beauty impossible. Also known as the Royal Lake, this artificial lake, built by the British as a reservoir, is the most attractive at dusk, when the sparkling Shwedagon is reflected in its calm waters. The paths, which run mainly along the south and west sides of the lake, are also ideal for jogging in the early morning or for a walk.

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