Top 5 Attractive Areas on Halong Bay

Not only famous for 1600 limestone islands and islets, Halong Bay is also renown for lots of attractive area such as Cong Dam area, Tra San and Cap La area, Cong Do area and Luom Bo area. Travelling one of those places, our guests will take the great chance to do some interesting activities like going kayaking, enjoying a swim, exploring the caves in the area, etc.

Not only famous for 1600 limestone islands and islets, but Halong Bay is also renown for lots of attractive area such as Cong Dam area, Tra San and Cap La area, Cong Do area and Luom Bo area. Traveling to top attractive areas on Halong Bay, our guests will take the great chance to do some interesting activities like going kayaking, enjoying a swim, exploring the caves in the area, etc. 

Halong Bay Vietnam's Overview

Halong Bay Vietnam is famous for important relics in the process of formation and development of the earth's history as well as island systems and magnificent caves. Ha Long island has two types: the limestone and shale islands, it is located in two main areas: the southeast and southwest of Halong Bay Vietnam. This is an image of the oldest tectonic terrain of 250-280 million years ago and is the result of the advocacy process raised, lowered several times. The carxto erosion process, alteration almost completely created a unique Ha Long in the world.

Halong Bay Vietnam is in the Tonkin area, the northeast is adjacent with Bai TuBayng bay, the southwest is adjacent with Cat Ba Island, the west and the northwest is adjacent with the mainland, the south-east and south are oriented Tonkin. The bay has a total area of 1553 km2 including central areas, buffer zones comprising 1969 large and small islands which 989 named islands and 980 unnamed islands.

Cong Dam area  (Cong Dam)

Situated far from the mainland, Cong Dam area is the isolated area from normal tourist routes. It attracts both domestic and international tourists due to its pristine features and a very clean atmosphere. Traveling here, our guests will have a chance to join in some interesting activities such as kayaking and fishing with fisherman, as well as participating in planting mangroves to protect the environment.
The magnificent beauty of the mountains and sea in the Cong Dam area can make anyone fall in love. With breathtaking scenery that combines the magnificent mountains and glorious sea, the Cong Dam area is known as the ‘outdoor geological museum’. Coming here, travellers will immerse deeply in the wild nature and be amazed by its beauty.

In addition, one of the many highlights of the area is a unique fishing village floating with the population of appropriate 120 people where you take the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the locals’ traditions and legends. Travelers visit Cong Dam to chat with the friendly locals, hear their stories and sit in awe of their daily trials and triumphs on Halong bay cruise. They speak of their livelihoods and their families and the local women will even take you on a personal bamboo boat tour along the water to explore the magnificent mountains and quaint little homes along the way.

Tra San and Cap La area (Tra San - Cap La)

If you love to see a wonderful landscape in a quiet and peaceful area on Halong Bay, Tra San and Cap La are great choices for you. They are famous for lots of beautiful long white sand beaches. Coming there, travellers will be amazed in the scene that probably never imagine and most dazzling natural wonders and into the sepia realm of a dream, come to Cap La – Tra San for exploring of the mysteries of Bai Tu Long bay. To explore the total beauty of Tra San area and Cap La area, you will join some attractive activities here as going paddling by kayak around beautiful landscape, enjoying a swim on beautiful beaches, or snorkeling in the crystal clear blue water.

Cong Do area (Cong Do)

Cong Do area has lots of potentials to become an attractive tourist destination. The ecosystem here is amazingly diverse on such a small island with different types of plants, another notable thing about the island is that it has numbers of lakes, all are gorgeous. Especially, what makes Cong Do area is Cong Do Lake with several types of algae and fishes. For those who love learn more about the history of Vietnam, it is also an interesting choice because Cong Do Island used to have an absolute importance when it comes to trading as there are still signs of the ancient commercial port of Van Don, which origins dates back to the Ly Dynasty, roughly a thousand year ago.

Luom Bo area

About 15 km from the south of the Bay, Luon Bo is a renown destination in Halong Bay, which is the home to Me Cung Cave and other little-known caves. It is also an ideal destination for some boats on Halong Bay to anchor. Thank to the Mother Nature, Luom Bo area is an outstanding masterpiece which is considered as a great place for swimming.

How to go to Halong Bay Vietnam

The road from Hanoi to Ha Long is quite convenient. From Hanoi, visitors can choose a variety kind of transportation such as motorbike, public car, Halong Express train or Halong coach.

By motorbike/ private car: If you choose to go to Halong Bay Vietnam by motorbike, the nearest distance from Hanoi to Halong is 155 km, which takes about 3-5 hours.

By Halong express train: Currently, to meet the demand of people to go to Halong Bay, visitors can go by train. Halong express train departs from Gia Lam station, which costs about 15$ (foreigners) and 5% (Vietnamese) per one-way ticket. The total time of moving from Hanoi to Halong Bay is 5 hours.

By public car: Another way to reach Halong Bay Vietnam is going by public car, which is always available at Nuoc Ngam, My Dinh or Giap Bat station. The price ranges from 150 000 VND to 200 000 VND depending on the seats.

By Galatourist's coach: If you are foreigners, you will have difficulty in booking a public car or Halong express train to Halong Bay. For more convenience, visitors should book a coach from Galatourist then we will pick you up at your hotel in Hanoi and transfer directly to Halong Bay.

If you are first-time visitors to Vietnam, you should go and explore top attractive areas on Halong Bay to immerse in the natural wonder listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. If you are planning to go there, some information above will help you much. You can take into Red Dragon junk Halong or Dragon Pearl junk Vietnam to discover Halong – Quang Ninh attractions like stunning beaches on Halong Bay. However, if these places are too familiar to you, let's take Fansipan tour Sapa to learn more new things.

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