Explore the Ta Hien street - the attractive beer street of Hanoi

Ta Hien street is the attractive beer street of Hanoi. Let's go to Ta Hien to explore this "treet don't sleep", interesting things that you can't miss here.

Overview of Ta Hien street

Hanoi food lovers is alway known "famous beer paradise" Ta hien located in the Old Quarter (or Hanoi ancient streets) near Hoan Kiem Lake. Ta Hien street has long become a fun place for many visitors when visiting Hanoi. Every day, Ta Hien street welcome many guests.  Guests of the "beer street" are diverse in age and nationality, include Westerners, both students and employees. Especially at night, Ta Hien is always crowded. At Ta Hien, people cannot find high-rise or luxury beer restaurant, simply the sidewalk restaurant, guests sit in front of the house, on the plastic chairs, with the table put cool beer cups.

Ha Noi people and tourists like Ta Hien street because the atmosphere is comfortable and the price isn't expensive. Although people often encounter a bustle Ta Hien at night, but also there is the time that Ta Hien is quiet, nostalgic as the other streets in the old quarter. On the morning, or when the sun is not diving, Ta Hien street is very quiet. So it is like a man who has two personalities in one day.

Ta Hien is always busy at night

Interesting things at Ta Hien street

In addition to beer, there are also lemon tea, iced tea, coffee ..., but the beer is still the most expensive drink of the street. Not only Vietnamese, foreign visitors to Ta Hien enjoy sidewalk beer is also very much. This is also the reason, this street was suddenly named as "street for foreigners" of Hanoi. To distinguish Ta Hien street with other gastronomic streets of Ha Noi, it can be said Ta Hien has a very different space. A group of friends sat talking together, sometimes taking a sip of beer, smiling happily, feeling as a long day was gone. Here street performances are performed throughout the evening and are varied, from traditional folk music to youthful love songs, or spectacular instrumental performances that attract every look. In the simple, it also has the unique features, the red lanterns connected between two building.

Other things that cannot be missed at Ta Hien

Of course, drinking beer cannot be lacking the food. The cuisine of this " street don't sleep" is also very diverse. Ta Hien street's food is simple, normal, not too fussy, but when enjoying with beer, it creates a feeling of great pleasure. The dishes are often called are the barbecue, especially in Ta Hien are very popular roasted quail, or packages of Nem Thanh Hoa, a plate of chicken legs, yellow fried potato, and many other dishes that you can choose when visiting this place.

Ta Hien street is a paradise for entertainment

Some delicious dishes at Ta Hien street

The drinks, food in Ta Hien street are not too expensive, plus space is very comfortable so many people come here to relax, together eat the aromatic dishes. Recalling Hanoi delicious specialties, we can not miss Ta Hien street. Ta Hien is an entertainment destination for both locals and foreigners at night.  Not only famous for beer, but Ta Hien street is also known as a food paradise with a variety of attractive dishes.

"Pho mai que" (Cheese sticks in Vietnamese): This dish originates from South Vietnam then Hanoiers make it with the unique taste. Ta Hien street is the first street selling this delicious snack. Each cheese stick costs about 6000 VND, which is very cheap. Due to its amazing taste, a person can eat ̀5 to 6 sticks each time.

Fried rolls & French fries: These are two unique dishes that you can not ignore in the list of must-try specialties in Hanoi. These delicious dishes are fried and served with crispy chili sauce. Enjoy fried roll & french fries, you will feel the sweet but fat taste. Each dish cost 5,000 VND. If you go with your friends, you should order 5 to 6 fried rolls & french fries.

Chicken leg with citronella: This is an indispensable dish with Hanoians. Chicken legs are delicious, soaked taste. The sweet and sour taste of the sauce is well matched. Chicken leg with citronella isat 35 Ta Hien street. Each dish cost 40 000 VND.

Nam Bo noodles: If you have ever tried a bowl of beef noodle soup in the South of Vietnam, you can also taste this special dish in Hanoi, particularly in Ta Hien street. The store is open from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, cost 35,000 VND / each bowl. Please note that the restaurant is quite crowded in the morning, sometimes, you have to wait longer.

A specialty at Ta Hien street

How to get to Ta Hien street

Lying at Hanoi ancient streets, to reach Ta Hien street, you can go by the following ways:

Walking from Hoan Kiem lake: If you are in Hoan Kiem lake or near Hoan Kiem Lake, visitors can choose to walk to Ta Hien street, which is very near Hoan Kiem lake, about 1 km. For more convenience, you can use google map.

Going by bus: Thanks to Google map, now forigners can easily look up the right bus to Ta Hien street.

Catching a taxi: The most convenient but a little expensive way to reach Ta Hien street is going by taxi. Grab or Go-Viet are all available here, so you can book a motorbike or a car from their app.

Some other ancient streets near Ta Hien street

87 Ma May ancient house

Located at 87 Ma May Street, north of Hoan Kiem Lake in the Hanoi Old Quarter, 87 Ma May ancient house is worth visiting. It is one of the houses preserved by Hanoi City as a tourist attraction, exhibiting and providing information on the history of Hanoi. This is one of the cultural addresses that travelers can't miss when going to Hanoi Old Quarter.

Hang Ma street - beautiful street on Festival

Located at the center of Hanoi ancient streets, Hang Ma Street has a variety of paper crafts and decorations with colorful shapes. It is extremely busy with lots of tourists at festivals. Especially at Tet, take the street, visitors could see flickers of the vans and bring the peach blossom tree, blueberries running on the roads. Hanoi ancient streets especially Hang Ma, Hang Duong, Luong Van Can and Dong Xuan Market is gradually crowded. At this time every year, at Hang Ma street becomes crowded and bustling as ever. People are eager to go to Shopping, preparing new year very soon.

Hang Buom street

Hang Buom is very close to Ta Hien, a street famed for beer belonging to Hanoi ancient streets. Visitors can head to Ta Hien to enjoy the local and foreign beer with a very cheap price. Today, along with dramatic changes in society, though noisy scenes are still kept, it is not usual to see any sail shops on Hang Buom street any longer. Instead, everyone tends to hit the street for bringing home various products namely as candy, pumpkin seeds, roasted meat, etc. Furthermore, the street is also a list of places familiar to any tourists in Hanoi. The following notes are expected to give you a highlighted map for an easier exploration around the city.

The busy atmosphere of Hang Ma street at Tet

Ta Hien street, as well as Hanoi ancient streets in general, are really one of appealing tourist Hanoi attractions for both domestic and international tourists due to its own beauty. We offer interesting Vietnam 9 days itinerary

However, if these places are too familiar to you, if you are adventurous lovers, let's take Fansipan tour Sapa or north Vietnam 10 days to discover more new things.

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