36 streets old quarter - Attractive destinations in Hanoi, Vietnam

36 streets old quarter is the oldest continuously developed area of Vietnam. You can experience cyclo to discover the 36 famous streets in Hanoi.

History of Hanoi old quarter

36 streets old quarter has a history that spans 2,000 years and represents the eternal soul of the city. 36 streets old quarter is a common name of a long-standing urban area of Hanoi located outside of Thang Long Imperial Citadel. This urban area concentrates on small-scale industrial and commercial activities, forming the featured streets. Today 36 streets old quarter is an attractive destination for those who want to learn about Thang Long - Dong Do - Hanoi.

 36 streets old quarter with potential tourism 

Discovery of Hanoi 36 streets

36 streets old quarter are not too wide, but the streets here are interwoven together like the chessboard. Starting at Hoan Kiem Lake, before walking, visitors should take a tram stroll around 36 streets old quarter to easily orient and move to the point of the visit. The cost for each tram is 20000VND for adults and is free for children under 3 years old. When traveling to Hanoi, the ideal time is in September, November, March, and April because of the beautiful weather and cool weather. On the tram, visitors will go through 28 streets and around the lake. The locations are O Quan Truong, Bach Ma temple, Dong Xuan Market, Le King temple. These are the famous historical sites at 36 streets old quarter in Hanoi. It takes about 30 minutes to end the tram journey, visitors are returned to the base station at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc and now the tour of Hanoi old streets began to start.

Dong Xuan night market lies at the heart of  36 streets old quarter

Walk in a long time, travelers should prepare yourself outfit comfortable, athletic shoes help move less difficult and a little snack, drink to supplement for better health. If you have time, you can also stop at some restaurants around the old town. The next point of 36 streets old quarter is the Bach Ma temple - one of the four towns of the old Thang Long in Hang Buom street.

This place worship Long Do or also known as To Lich Gian Than. Bach Ma temple is a large temple was renovated by many dynasties. The architecture of the temple today is a hallmark of the nineteenth-century architectural style. The unique architecture of the temple is in the crap-shaped dome and jade well behind the temple. The next is Dong Xuan market - the biggest trading center of 36 streets old quarter with crowded market space, bustling shopping scene. Here you can choose for yourself some items such as clothing or souvenirs, the items here are quite a diversity. Behind the market is the food, it is very good and cheap.

Hang Ma street is crowed with lots of visitors at Tet

Here, visitors can stop, pick a seat, sip a beer, enjoy the traditional Hanoi food and watch the street. It is called crossroads international, by coming here do not distinguish you from another country, what language you use, simply we have a passion for tourism and a special love for the Hanoi Old Quarter. Ending a one-day stroll on 36 streets old quarter, travelers can find a seat on the banks of Hoan Kiem lake to admire the scenery and enjoy the fresh air, take pictures to capture the unforgettable beauty here. Nine of the lesser known streets in 36 streets old quarter that possess a unique character worth exploring such as Hang Bac street, Hang Be street, Cau Go street, Hang Dao street, Dong Xuan street / Market street, Hang Mam street, Ma May street, Hang Thiec Street, Hang Thung street.

How to get Hanoi ancient streets

It is easy for you to stroll around 36 streets old quarter because those streets are located at the center of Hanoi city and there are lots of hotels for foreigners here. From your hotel in Hanoi, you can catch a grab to such streets as Hang Be, Ta Hien,...or you can even walk to 36 streets old quarter with Google map and enjoy the ancient atmosphere of streets and admire old houses in the past. After discovering 36 streets old quarter, visitors can go to such destinations as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi, Guom lake,...

Some hotels in the Hanoi Old Quarter

Church boutique (Address: 95 Hang Gai, Hang Trong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi)

May de Ville hotel (Address: 43 Gia Ngu street, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi)

Hanoi Allure hotel (Address: 52 Dao Duy Tu, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi)

Hanoi Medallion Hotel (Address: 11 Ma May, Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi)

Some foods in 36 streets old quarter

Pho Hanoi

Phở is the first dish that you should enjoy when coming to Hanoi as well as 36 streets old quarter. There are lots of famous Phở restaurants as "Phở gánh" in Hàng Trống - a restaurant that has been existed for a long time; "Pho Ly Quoc Su", the best chicken noodle sou, located on Quan Thanh Street; "Pho Hanh" on Lan Ong Street or Luong Van Can Street.

Thang noodle at Cau Go street:

Thang noodle is a traditional dish of the Hanoi family, one of the subtle dishes of Ha Thanh cuisine.  Thang noodles in Cau Go is one of the noodles with decades of experience in the profession, has attached to the generation of people in Hanoi.

Dau noodle at Hang Khay street

Hang Khay is not only selling noodles with rice and fried beans but also sold boiled pork, ears, fried nem …

Tan chicken at Hang Cot street

Young chicks are selected for each soft aluminum can. The worm is stuffed into the heart of each chicken so its smell and bitter taste is not much but fragrant.

Banh Com on 11 Hang Than street

Banh Com is known as one of traditional cake in Hanoi. Up to now, only at 11 Hang Than, "banh com" still preserved its tatse. Travelling to Hanoi, foreigners should buy "Banh Com" as a gift for come to Hanoi our family and friends.

One of the must-try traditional specialties at 36 streets old quarter

Hanoi ancient streets are really one of appealing tourist Hanoi attractions for both domestic and international tourists due to its own beauty. We offer interesting 10 day tour of vietnam. However, if these places are too familiar to you and you are adventurous lovers, let's take Fansipan tour Sapa or north east Vietnam travel to discover more new things. 

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